Wining and Dining in Edinburgh

Dining in style is a must when visiting Edinburgh. Edinburgh’s one Michelin star belongs to Restaurant Martin Wishart in Leith – a small establishment that offers very few tables but exquisite cuisine. Besides this though there are plenty of other upmarket options. Rogue is an expensive, but eclectic and wonderful place that combines unusual eating spaces and excellent food. The restaurant is hard to find, hidden beside the Scottish Widows building. Also situated on the top of the Museum of Scotland, Tower’s il_fullxfull-418551522_jpwfinventive menu is an enjoyable tour of local produce and provides a fantastic dining experience.

Edinburgh is famous for its eclectic drinking scene that appeals to people from all walks of life. The city boasts the best pubs in the whole of Scotland, with some of the leading drinking establishments in Edinburgh even making it to the top of the best places to drink and unwind in the whole of the United Kingdom. While there are still plenty of traditional Scottish pubs to choose from in Edinburgh, the city is not afraid to move with the times and there are now plenty of more modern bars to choose from that tend to appeal to a younger crowd.

Brass Monkey, on Drummond Street, is an innovative place that attracts a young cosmopolitan crowd and is lively and loud at the weekends. But what sets this bar apart from many similar in the area is what lies hidden behind drawn velvet curtains- a back room cinema furnished like a Bedouin tent providing somewhere to slouch while watching films on a large screen.

For those with more traditional tastes however, the Bow Bar, on West Bow, stands out as a beacon of old-style respectability. Its classy interior and wide range of good beers make it a favorite of those more concerned with getting a decent pint of ale than appreciating the decor.