Traditional Scottish Culture: Cuisine, Music, and Dress

Traditional Scottish Culture

When you think about Scotland, think about dreamy green landscapes, bagpipes, good old whiskey, kilts, haggis and extraordinary original people.


Although good old curry is for some in the first place of national dishes, Scotland’s main national dish is worldwide known, haggis. Haggis is a real treat, if it is prepared correctly. It contains sheep’s heart, liver and lungs, also known as pluck, which is then minced with onions, suet, spices, oatmeal and salt. It is mixed with stock and simmered in the stomach of an animal for three hours. Now, that is a treat, which you should not miss! Apart from this treat, Scotland is famous for its oatcakes, cheese, lobsters and top notch beef. Some strange and popular dishes include deep fried Mars bars, Arbroath Smokie (smoked Haddock) and the buttery biscuit Shortbread. Scots are famous for their whiskey, beer and Irn-Bru, which is a carbonated soft drink flavoured with fruits.


Scotland is mostly associated with bagpipes when it comes to music. Fun fact: that instrument is not Scottish at all. The bagpipes origins date back to the 1400AD in southern Europe, but today enjoy the fame as a symbol of Scotland. So much so that if you want to feel that Scottish spirit, visit Glasgow’s International Piping Festival, held every year in August. Scottish musical treasures that are more contemporary include Calvin Harris, Belle & Sebastian, Franz Ferdinand, Simple Minds and Susan Boyle.


Scottish unique clothing shows how extraordinary Scots really are. Their national clothing is the Highland Dress consisting of a kilt and some other pieces of garments and clothing. The original Scottish kilt is mostly worn with wool socks or kilt hose, which are turned down at the knees, garter flashes and a type of pouch, a Sporran. A Sporran hangs around the waist from the leather strap or a chain decorated with sealskin, fur, polished metal plating, embossed leather or just plain with no decorations. Belt and embossed buckle, a kilt pin, a black knife and Argyll jacket are other parts of the traditional Highland Dress.