Edinburgh: Bizarre Mythology and Ghost Tours

Impressive ancient monuments scattered all around the beautiful Scottish capital city are a symbol of its age and evidence of its turbulent past. Over the centuries, facts have become legends, and legends have become myths. The energy of thousands of years has accumulated within its old stone walls which are said to hide what most eyes cannot see: ghosts.

A variety of ghost tours of every kind are available in Edinburgh. Tourists can choose between affordable walking tours or more comfortable coach tours; the guides will point out the most significant stories out of endless ghostly legends.

Edinburgh Castle is said to be one of the most haunted places in Scotland; its most famous ghost is that of a Piper who got trapped within its tunnels and made it out. It is a common belief that the “Stone of Destiny” or “Stone of Scone”, which is supposed to be kept in the castle, was at some point replaced by a fake one. The Stone of Destiny has been used during the coronation ceremony of English and Scottish Monarchs since the Middle Ages.download-3

As if Edinburgh Dungeons were not scary enough, its ghostly tours are an enacted show which is part of the attraction. After 500 years of history and numerous encounters with ghostly beings, the visitors meet the ghost of Alexander “Sawney” Bean, a man who indulged in cannibalism and is said to have murdered and eaten over 1,000 people.

Major Weir is a local legend. This man, who used to walk around holding a staff and wearing a black cloak, was executed after confessing the practice of black magic and an incestuous relationship with his sister. Despite having died in the 17th century, to this date Endinburgians have claimed to see him walking by in the night. His ancient house has naturally become a museum.