This site is dedicated to the scouting movement and in particular the branch of the Scouts that can be found in the Scottish city of Edinburgh. The Scouts is one of the world’s oldest and most popular organizations for boys and young girls in the world and features a wide range of different activities that they can take part in. The Scouts is also dedicated to teaching survival and life skills and helping them to make friends in a fun and wholesome way.

One of the great things about the Scouts is that branches are located all over the world, which helps to bring people from different countries and cultures together. Anyone who is currently or has previously been a member of the Scouts is invited to visit the Edinburgh branch and find out more about what goes on there. A large number of special events are held by the Scouts in Edinburgh throughout the year and this is a great time to visit.

Of course, people who are planning a trip to Edinburgh will want to allow plenty of time to explore this magnificent city and truly get to know it. Therefore, this site also includes articles on things to see and do while spending time in Edinburgh. Checking out the articles that can be found right here on this site will help visitors to plan the trip of a lifetime to make sure that they do not miss a single magical detail from Edinburgh and its surrounding area.