‘Bachelor’s Degree’ or ‘Master’s Degree’?

Everyone dreams of studying abroad. Traveling to a new country, meeting different people and learning unique skills. However, there are many things you need to consider before deciding to study abroad, one of which includes deciding whether to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree abroad or ...Read More

Traditional Scottish Culture: Cuisine, Music, and Dress

Traditional Scottish Culture When you think about Scotland, think about dreamy green landscapes, bagpipes, good old whiskey, kilts, haggis and extraordinary original people. Cuisine Although good old curry is for some in the first place of national dishes, Scotland’s main national dish is worldwide ...Read More

Edinburgh: Bizarre Mythology and Ghost Tours

Impressive ancient monuments scattered all around the beautiful Scottish capital city are a symbol of its age and evidence of its turbulent past. Over the centuries, facts have become legends, and legends have become myths. The energy of thousands of years has accumulated within ...Read More

The Castles and Dungeons of Edinburgh

The castles of Edinburgh are among the greatest touristic attractions of Scotland. The stories around these castles enchant the ears of thousands of tourists every year. Edinburgh Castle makes the top of the list. Built on a dramatic stony foundation, it resides as a ...Read More

Top Universities In Scotland for Engineering

Nobody can deny that knowledge is power, and with a postgraduate study, you’ll be a cut above the rest. The top universities in Scotland will not only allow you to get a degree in engineering but to also study beyond that to give you ...Read More

Try Skiing in Scotland

A land of legends, castles, mist and romance, Scotland is not best known for its skiing; however, you will find several good resorts here. Additionally, your holiday can go past the mountains to Scotland’s amazing landscape, ancient castles and breathtaking cities. The ski season ...Read More

Checking Out Perth

One of the great things about visiting Scotland is that there is no shortage of historical and interesting places to visit, and for many people the small city of Perth is right near the top of the list of places to check out. Perth, ...Read More

Out and About in Edinburgh

If you have time to spare there are plenty of other places in Scotland which are within easy reach of Edinburgh and well worth a visit. Most attractions are no more than an hour’s drive away. The highlights are Hopetoun House of Robert Adam ...Read More

Take a Trip to Inverness

Taking a trip to Inverness is a great option for people who have extra time on their hands while they are visiting the city of Edinburgh. Sandwiched between two ranges, Inverness sits astride the Caledonian canal which links the mysterious Loch Ness to the ...Read More